West Zone Group unveils Dh130 million donation for Mothers Endowment Campaign

To promote educational endeavors, the West Zone Group has made a sizable commitment of Dh130 million toward the construction of an endowment building.

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This project is in line with the Mothers' Endowment campaign, which is led by Dubai's ruler and UAE's vice president, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The campaign's main goal is to honor moms by setting up a Dh1 billion endowment fund, which will act as a long-term means of enabling millions of people worldwide to receive an education.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) and the West Zone Group have signed a formal agreement wherein the latter will manage the construction of the endowment building and use the earnings to support programs linked to education. This donation from the West Zone Group is part of a larger, community-driven initiative to achieve the lofty goals that the Mothers' Endowment campaign has set forth.

A number of channels have been set up to enable gifts and contributions to the endowment fund. There are six main ways that interested parties can donate, including the campaign's official website, mothersfund.ae, and a specialized call center that can be reached by calling 800 9999, a toll-free number.

Donations may also be sent by bank transfer to the campaign's designated Emirates Islamic Bank bank account (AE790340003708472909201) in UAE dirhams. Another method is to donate via SMS. For Etisalat and e& subscribers, consumers can text the word "mother" to the following numbers: 1034, 1035, 1036, and 1038.

In addition, contributors can contribute to the campaign through digital channels, including the Jood platform (Jood.ae), which is Dubai's community contributions platform, and the DubaiNow app, which has a special "Donations" button. Through these various avenues, people and organizations can freely support the Mothers' Endowment campaign's noble goal of funding educational activities.

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