UAE Iftar Gathering: 15,000 Meals, 2km-Long Dining Area at This Park

Hosted by the Emirates Red Crescent Society, this grand event aimed to foster a deep sense of inclusivity and community bonding.

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On a Thursday evening, Al Safia Park in Ajman underwent a remarkable transformation into a bustling dining area, possibly marking the UAE's most extensive iftar gathering. Serving an impressive 15,000 meals to the residents of Ajman and their families, the park stood as a symbol of unity and togetherness.

Volunteers from the society commenced their preparations as the clock approached 4 p.m., meticulously laying out thin plastic sheets across the park. Spanning an astonishing distance of 500 meters from end to end, with four sheets in place, the collective length stretched to an impressive 2 kilometers, ensuring ample space for all attendees partaking in the communal iftar.

Guests, including families and workers, eagerly awaited the breaking of the fast in the park, which became a melting pot of diverse individuals sharing a common meal during the sacred month of Ramadan. Many arrived via school buses, with volunteers ensuring a warm welcome for all, including those arriving from labor camps.

Shawar Khan, attending with his colleagues, expressed his profound sense of belonging, noting how strangers quickly transformed into friends over the shared meal. Anwar Malik, a resident of a labor camp, conveyed his gratitude for the hospitality extended to them, emphasizing the warmth and respect they were greeted with upon arrival.

The iftar meals, generously provided and transported in multiple trucks, were thoughtfully arranged on the plastic sheets, ready to be savored by the attendees. Moments before the iftar, attendees paused to offer prayers, seeking blessings from Allah.

The meal boxes contained a variety of items, including fruits, dates, water, salad, and a hearty rice meal, ensuring that all guests could enjoy a wholesome and satisfying dinner.

In essence, the event epitomized the spirit of Ramadan, bringing together individuals from various walks of life to share in the joy of breaking the fast and fostering a sense of community cohesion and solidarity.

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