Abu Dhabi Records 100% Increase in civil union applications

The Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court, distinguished as the first and sole English-speaking family court in the Arab region, has experienced a notable surge in civil marriage applications, with over 20,000 couples applying—equivalent to an average of 40 applications daily—marking a substantial 100% increase over the past two years.

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Of significance is the revelation that 20% of these applications originate from tourists, representing more than 120 nationalities. This surge in interest follows the implementation of Law No. 14 of 2021, which legalized civil marriage in Abu Dhabi effective January 2022.

This surge underscores Abu Dhabi's progressive stance, as the UAE capital stands as the sole city in the region permitting civil marriage without restrictions for residents and tourists alike, irrespective of nationality or religion, and regardless of their global residence.

Abu Dhabi is increasingly preferred by couples from diverse backgrounds seeking a straightforward and expedited marriage process. This includes the popular fast-track marriage service, which witnesses 3,000 express civil marriage applications and facilitates couples marrying on the same day.

The influx of applications from interfaith backgrounds emphasizes Abu Dhabi's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance, establishing it as an appealing global marriage destination.

Counselor Yousef Al-Abri commended the Civil Family Court's digital initiatives, aligning with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan's vision to offer cutting-edge and innovative court services. The court's commitment to delivering world-class services to expatriates is reflected in the substantial demand for its digital services, catering to various family matters like civil marriage, no-fault divorce, civil inheritances, and wills.

The court's adoption of international best practices ensures that foreign litigants benefit from innovative digital procedures, including bilingual (Arabic and English) services, facilitating understanding and overcoming language barriers throughout the process, from registration to verdicts.

Applying for civil marriage is streamlined via the ADJD website, with the entire registration process conducted online and accessible to individuals worldwide, with express same-day services available, further enhancing the court's appeal and accessibility.

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