UAE issues yellow alert as rain and strong winds hits certain areas

Residents of the United Arab Emirates, particularly those residing in the eastern and northern regions of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, have been urged to exercise additional caution when venturing outdoors from afternoon until evening today.

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This advisory comes in light of a yellow alert issued by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), predicting the presence of rain clouds over these areas from 12:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.. Additionally, the east coast is expected to experience strong winds, reaching speeds of up to 40 kmph.

While the overall weather forecast indicates fair to partly cloudy conditions throughout the day, the NCM's earlier forecast suggests the presence of light to moderate winds, occasionally intensifying and causing blowing dust and sand. There's also a possibility of localized convective cloud formation associated with rainfall, primarily in eastern, some internal, and western areas.

Temperature-wise, the country is poised to experience highs of 42 °C, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai expecting temperatures to soar to 38 °C. Conversely, lows could dip to 27 oC in Abu Dhabi, 29 oC in Dubai, and as low as 16 oC in mountainous regions. Humidity levels are anticipated to range from 30 to 75 percent in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, particularly humid during the night and Wednesday morning in certain internal areas. Sea conditions are expected to be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and slight in the Oman Sea.

Looking ahead, the UAE braces for unstable weather conditions in the upcoming days, with temperatures peaking at 39 oC in Abu Dhabi and 38 oC in Dubai. Residents should anticipate humid nights in some internal and coastal areas, with a likelihood of fog or mist formation by early morning, especially in westward regions.

As preparations are underway for unsettled weather and potential rainfall on May 2, NCM experts emphasize that May 2–3 mark the 'peak' of the situation. During this period, scattered areas can expect moderate to heavy rainfall, occasionally accompanied by lightning, thunder, and the possibility of hail.

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