Dubai Municipality Investigates Indian Spice Brands for Adulterants Allegations

Food safety regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore recently banned the sale of four spice products from renowned Indian brands due to the presence of a harmful substance.

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This move followed global concerns raised by media reports claiming that certain popular spices may contain carcinogenic elements. In response to these reports, the Dubai Municipality (DM) has assured the public of its awareness of the issue and its commitment to investigating the matter thoroughly.

The Dubai Municipality released a statement emphasizing that their routine food testing procedures had not yielded any alarming findings. However, they acknowledged the international notifications and recalls associated with the issue and reassured the public that they would adhere to standard protocols. In some countries, the implicated Indian spice brands were found to contain traces of ethylene oxide that exceeded permissible levels, a substance tolerated in limited quantities elsewhere but entirely prohibited in the UAE.

The Dubai Municipality detailed the response to the incident, which includes risk assessments, laboratory testing, and other precautionary measures to protect public health. Typically, directives regarding product recalls and investigations into such matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCC), with inquiries currently underway.

While some of the accused brands have denied the allegations, asserting their adherence to rigorous health and safety standards, India's regulatory body, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has initiated its own investigation. Similarly, authorities in the European Union (EU) have disclosed findings of ethylene oxide in numerous Indian products, including herbs and spices, following tests conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) over a span of several months.

The Dubai Municipality is awaiting updates from relevant stakeholders and has pledged to keep the public and media informed as more information becomes available. This proactive approach underscores the municipality's commitment to ensuring food safety and consumer protection within the UAE.

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