UAE: Summer Begins with Temperatures Exceeding 40°C as New Season Dawns

As the UAE prepares for an anticipated continuation of heavy rainfall following the unprecedented downpour on April 16, the region embarks upon a seasonal transition known as Kanat Al Thuraya, marking a notable shift in weather dynamics characterized by soaring temperatures surpassing the 40°C threshold.

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Commencing with a scorching high temperature approaching 40°C on the inaugural day of Kanat Al Thuraya, this period, slated to persist until June 7, signifies the UAE's transition from the mild spring climate to the intense heat of summer.

During this phase, atmospheric conditions typically manifest with low humidity levels and dry air, as explained by Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Chairman of the Emirates Astronomical Association, who considers this juncture pivotal for the Arabian Peninsula, heralding the ascendency of the summer climate regime.

The initiation of Kanat Al Thuraya is heralded by the disappearance of the Al Thuraya star cluster, while its conclusion, marking the onset of peak summer, coincides with its reappearance in the dawn sky during the initial week of June.

In alignment with astronomical events, the onset of summer in the UAE officially commences in June, coinciding with the summer solstice when the sun's rays are vertically positioned over the Tropic of Cancer, thereby engendering the longest day of the year. Subsequently, approximately two months later, the appearance of the Suhail star signifies the waning of peak summer temperatures.

The UAE recently bore witness to its most substantial precipitation on record on April 16, enduring a deluge equivalent to a year's worth of rainfall within a single day. Forecasts indicate the likelihood of further heavy rains in the ensuing days, with the National Centre of Meteorology cautioning of unsettled weather conditions expected in May.

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