UAE weather: rain possibilities until next Wednesday

The National Center for Meteorology has provided insights into the expected weather conditions for the upcoming days.

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Today's weather is anticipated to be humid in certain inland areas, transitioning from partly cloudy to cloudy intermittently. There's a possibility of light rain, with winds predominantly from the northwest to northeast, ranging from light to moderate speeds. Wind activity may increase at times, with velocities varying between 10 and 25 kilometers per hour, peaking at 35 kilometers per hour over the sea. Sea conditions are forecast to have light waves in both the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Tomorrow is expected to be mostly cloudy, with some areas continuing to have substantial cloud cover. Throughout the day, there's a risk of light rain in the southern regions, and the predominant winds will continue to be northwesterly with light to moderate speeds and sporadic bursts of enhanced activity. Tuesday is predicted to be sunny to partly overcast with light to moderate northwest breezes that will occasionally turn vigorous. Forecasted wind speeds are similar, with increased activity over the sea, where wave conditions in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman remain light to medium.

On Wednesday, there is a chance of light rain in the northern and coastal regions, and conditions might return to partly overcast to cloudy in certain parts. It is predicted that winds will alternate between the northwest and the northeast, staying light to moderate with sporadic activity. A weak depression in the high atmosphere and the extension of a superficial depression from the east both have an impact on the nation during this time. Simultaneously, the Siberian high-pressure system is gradually weakening and declining.

According to long-term forecasts from the National Center of Meteorology, rainfall levels are expected to be around average. March typically sees an average rainfall of nine millimeters in the country, with the highest daily recorded rainfall in previous years reaching 100.4 millimeters in Jumeirah on March 21, 2020. Humidity levels are predicted to decrease marginally during this period.

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