Fujairah unveils 500 volunteers to distribute Ramadan Iftar meals

The Fujairah Charity Association has disclosed that a total of 500 volunteers are actively engaged in the preparation and distribution of daily "Iftar" meals across 35 different sites throughout the emirate during the holy month of Ramadan.

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This initiative encompasses 19 dedicated "Iftar" tents situated in the Fujairah and Dibba Al-Fujairah regions, along with 10 mosques and six councils, all operating in collaboration with the Fujairah Foundation. The overarching aim is to foster regional development, recognizing the pivotal role of volunteerism in ensuring the success and sustainability of the campaign.

Volunteers play a significant role in distributing fast-breaking meals at various traffic intersections and entry points to the Emirate of Fujairah, in addition to designated meal distribution spots. This initiative targets individuals who may need to break their fast while on the move, ensuring accessibility to nutritious meals during the sacred month. Yousef Al Marshoudi, the association's general director, emphasized the positive impact of the growing number of volunteers on achieving the charitable campaign's objectives. He highlighted how volunteering during Ramadan epitomizes the noble values and altruistic spirit deeply ingrained in Emirati society.

Furthermore, Al Marshoudi highlighted a notable initiative where the association, for the fourth consecutive year, offers an interactive map service for the Iftar project. This service aims to streamline the process for both donors and fasting individuals. Through the association's website, donors, whether individuals or institutions, can conveniently select the donation location and specify the number of beneficiaries via a mobile phone interface.

Fasting individuals gain access to information regarding locations where breakfast meals are available. This comprehensive map covers all regions of the Emirate of Fujairah, enabling contributors to designate their preferred breakfast location and the number of beneficiaries. In acknowledgment of their generosity, the chosen breakfast location is registered in the name of the donating entity or individual, further reinforcing the spirit of communal support and collaboration throughout the holy month.

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