UAE warns against weather risks with a yellow alert for fog

In addition to the weather forecast and cautionary alerts issued by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), it's imperative for residents and motorists alike to remain vigilant and prepared for potential changes in weather conditions throughout the day.

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As visibility may be compromised in certain areas due to fog and mist formation, it is essential for individuals to exercise caution while commuting, particularly during the early morning hours when reduced visibility is most likely.

Abu Dhabi Police's advisory to motorists underscores the importance of adhering to recommended speed limits and remaining alert while driving in foggy conditions. By following these guidelines and staying informed about the latest weather updates, individuals can minimize the risk of accidents and ensure safe travel.

Not to mention that the predicted increase in humidity, particularly in coastal areas, can make some people feel uncomfortable. In particular, during outdoor activities, it is advised that inhabitants take the appropriate steps to stay hydrated and prevent prolonged exposure to humid weather.

The temperature can drop to as low as 10 oC indoors during the day and rise to as high as 36 oC, so it's important to dress appropriately and adjust to the weather as it changes. People should be aware of temperature changes, whether they are indoors or outdoors, and take precautions to stay comfortable and safe from extremely hot or cold temperatures.

The forecasted light to moderate winds and slight sea conditions provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy outdoor activities such as beach outings or water sports. However, it's essential to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines while engaging in such recreational activities to prevent accidents or mishaps.

Staying informed, exercising caution, and being prepared for potential changes in weather conditions are key to ensuring safety and well-being. By following the guidance of weather authorities, maintaining awareness of visibility concerns, and taking appropriate precautions, residents can navigate the day's weather with confidence and peace of mind.

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