UAE Unveils Guidelines for Citizens Seeking Medical Treatment Abroad

There are two formal requirements that UAE nationals must meet in order to seek medical care overseas, according to the UAE Digital Government.

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Ensuring Access to Vital Healthcare Beyond Borders

First, the treatment must be unavailable within the nation, and second, it must be necessary due to a medical emergency while traveling outside of the UAE. This critical service is facilitated through collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.

Accessing Treatment Abroad: A Step-by-Step Guide

To initiate the process, citizens are advised to contact the Ministry of Health and Community Protection for inquiries about the availability of required medical treatment in specific countries. Once the destination is chosen, individuals can reach out to the diplomatic mission of that country within the UAE for additional details on accredited medical institutions.

Upon arrival in the selected country, citizens are encouraged to stay connected with the UAE mission through the "My Presence" service, ensuring seamless communication throughout their medical journey.

Efficient application process

Applying for the treatment abroad service is conveniently done through the Ministry of Health and Community Protection's smart application and website ( The ministry strives to complete the service within five working days, provided the conditions are met—either the absence of suitable treatment in local health facilities or the occurrence of a medical emergency while the citizen is abroad.

Documentation Requirements

Essential documents for requesting treatment abroad include a recent medical report from a government hospital, a copy of the patient's passport, identity card, and citizenship record.

Department of Health in Abu Dhabi's Role

Patients in Abu Dhabi seeking treatment abroad can also apply through the Department of Health. If the patient is unable to submit the request personally, an authorised representative can do so on their behalf. The Medical Committee issues its decision within two weeks, and in case of rejection, an appeal can be submitted within 30 days.

Commitment to Exceptional Healthcare

The UAE emphasises its commitment to providing top-quality and efficient health services. Federal and local health authorities diligently work on policies to safeguard public health, regulate the health sector, and elevate the overall healthcare landscape, aligning with the aspirations of Emirati society for a promising and advanced future in healthcare.

Seamless application process

Citizens can conveniently submit a request for treatment abroad through the "Health" smart application and website, streamlining the process for those in need of crucial medical care beyond the country's borders.

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