UAE Meteorological Update: Anticipates Temperature Drop to 8.8°C

Winter is making an early entrance in the United Arab Emirates, with the meteorological department recording a chilly 8.8 degrees Celsius in the Raknah neighborhood of Al Ain.

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Unveiling Raknah's Sub-Zero Charms

Renowned as one of the coldest spots in the UAE, Raknah has consistently registered sub-zero temperatures during the peak winter season in recent times. This hidden gem, nestled in Abu Dhabi's Al Ain region, is now back in the spotlight as the UAE gears up for winter.

Early Winter Whispers

While meteorological experts officially declare winter's commencement after December 21, there's a distinct chill already permeating the air. The UAE's Meteorological Department captured this essence, noting a brisk 8.8°C on a recent Friday.

Frozen Mornings in Raknah

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) pinpointed the coldest moment at 6:45 am in Al Ain's Raknah area. In the past few days, temperatures have been lingering around 10°C to 11°C in various parts of Al Ain, with Raknah's desert temperature dipping below the 10°C mark on December 5.

Raknah's Frosty Past

Raknah has etched its name in recent history, attracting attention for transforming into a winter wonderland. Situated in a quiet corner of Al Ain, it's a place where residents have donned their puffer jackets and revelled in icy delights. In previous years, explorers witnessed a unique spectacle as ice pellets adorned the desert, coated cars, and turned shrubs into frozen icicles. Sub-zero temperatures persisted for days, creating a surreal landscape.

Anticipation for Winter's Return

As the thermometer reads 8.8°C, well before the official onset of winter, the question arises: Will Raknah once again captivate with its snowy charm this year? The allure of a frosty wonderland remains uncertain, leaving residents and enthusiasts eagerly awaiting nature's wintry spectacle in this captivating corner of the UAE.

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