UAE unveils dates for public school registrations in 2024-2025

The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE), the governmental body overseeing public schools in the UAE, has announced the commencement of public school registrations for the academic year 2024-2025. The registration period will run from Monday, March 4, to March 15, 2024.

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All kindergarten through twelfth grade students in each of the following categories are welcome to register:

  1. Newcomers: pupils who are enrolled for the first time in public education.
  2. Students looking to transfer from private to public schools are known as transferees.
  3. International school transfers: students wishing to move from non-domestic schools to domestic ones.

Certain rules apply to the registration process:

  • Applications will only be considered if submitted within the stipulated period.
  • The accuracy of all data provided in the application and accompanying documents is imperative.
  • The selected school must fall within the geographical area of the student's residence.

Registration can be completed through the ESE website or via the mobile application.

This announcement signifies an opportunity for students across the UAE to access quality education provided by public schools. By opening registrations to various student categories, the ESE aims to accommodate diverse educational needs and preferences within the public school system. The specified rules ensure a fair and transparent registration process, facilitating the enrollment of students in schools that align with their residential location and academic aspirations.

Utilising digital platforms for registration reflects the ESE's commitment to streamlining administrative processes and enhancing accessibility for parents and guardians. Through the convenience of online registration, families can navigate the enrollment process efficiently, contributing to a smoother transition for students into the public school system.

All things considered, the start of public school registration for the next school year highlights the UAE's commitment to offering inclusive and easily accessible education opportunities to every student living in the nation.

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