UAE: Some Schools utilized "distance learning" to offer extra leave for students

Private schools utilized the period of "distance learning" last week to grant students a two-day break at the end of the previous week and the beginning of the current one.

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This decision aimed to provide students with adequate rest while ensuring they stay engaged with their studies through assigned homework, which they would follow up on periodically with their teachers.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority introduced a policy in the academic calendar for the current and following two years, allowing schools the flexibility to schedule four days off throughout the academic year. These days are determined by each school's administration according to their specific calendar, while still adhering to the minimum requirement of 1,120 school hours per academic year.

According to reports from students' families such as Amira Aziz, Hassan Abdel Fattah, Omnia Tariq, and Fatima Gamal, their children's schools communicated the decision to designate Thursday and Monday as days off, with classes resuming on Tuesday. The rationale behind this break was attributed to utilizing the period of distance learning and the presence of exams to provide students with relief during the midpoint of the semester, given the pressure they have experienced since the semester's commencement.

Parents noted that the break allowed them to spend more quality time with their children, particularly as they are often occupied during regular school days. Additionally, the extended rest period afforded students the opportunity to recharge, which ultimately enhances their ability to resume their studies effectively.

Director Samer Sarhan of Al-Ma'rifa International Private School in Sharjah affirmed that some schools opted to grant a two-day break within the allocated four days permitted throughout the academic year. The decision to allocate these days, particularly after exams, aimed to ensure students had ample time to recuperate amidst the demands of the semester. Sarhan explained that schools have the flexibility to choose these days based on their internal schedules and individual circumstances, providing adaptability to meet the needs of their students effectively.

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