Dubai authorities launch the first license for construction using 3D printing technology for buildings

One local developer in Dubai has been granted the first authorization to use 3D printing technology in buildings by the Planning and Development Department (Trakhees), which is the regulatory body of the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC).

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In December 2023, Nakheel was given the license for their Al Furjan Hills project. Just twenty days after construction began, the printing process for the first project was finished, which is rather quickly.

The Chairman of PCFC, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, reaffirmed the organization's resolve to carry out the directives of Decree No. 24 of 2021, which governs the utilization of 3D printing within Dubai's building industry. Capitalizing on new solutions is key to driving economic growth, promoting environmental sustainability, and enhancing urban development.

According to Bin Sulayem, Trakhees has been instrumental in bringing 3D printing technology to the construction industry through its partnerships with important players. Dubai has set a strategic goal of having 25% of its buildings made using 3D printing technology by 2030, and this integration is in line with that goal.

Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Trakhees, PCFC, emphasized the revolutionary impact of 3D printing technology on the construction industry. He stressed the importance of adopting innovative technologies to strengthen Dubai's position as a leading logistics and commercial center in the region.

Belhoul also highlighted the significant benefits of 3D printing technology, including a reduction in labor costs by 80 percent and a decrease in workplace accidents due to its programmable and automated nature. Additionally, it shortens construction project durations by 60 percent, enhancing project efficiency and meeting the increasing demands of urban development in Dubai.

Trakhees will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to address technical aspects related to integrating 3D printing technology into the Dubai Building Code. This ensures that building designs comply with approved regulations and technical standards, facilitating the implementation of construction projects using advanced techniques aligned with global standards.

The initial "no objection" authorization for 3D printing technology was given in October last year by the Civil Engineering Department, represented by Trakhees. The dedication to embracing new ideas and boosting Dubai's building sector is evident in the field's quick advancements.

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