UAE Schools: 3-Week Official Holiday Commencing March 25 Announced

Everyone in the United Arab Emirates is getting ready for a two-week break as the spring break draws near.

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There are many educational chances for pupils in the week preceding the break, according to principals. On March 25, students in most UAE schools adopting an international curriculum will begin a three-week break. After the Eid holiday on April 15, they will return to school.

However, amidst the anticipation, there are apprehensions regarding potential learning setbacks, particularly given the elongated break this year owing to the forthcoming Eid Al Fitr holidays, expected to commence around April 10. Educators are enacting measures to ensure students remain engaged and sustain their learning during this prolonged hiatus.

To address these concerns, educators are proactively engaging with parents through newsletters, urging families to allocate study time for their children to utilize online study platforms and engage in reading activities. The aim is to mitigate the risk of any academic regression and facilitate a smooth transition back to school after the vacation period.

The extended break presents a unique challenge for educators, who must balance the need for students to recharge and enjoy their holiday while also ensuring that learning continues uninterrupted. Strategies such as assigning optional homework assignments, providing access to educational resources online, and encouraging recreational reading are being employed to keep students intellectually stimulated during the break.

Principals stress the importance of leveraging the final week before the holiday to consolidate learning objectives and prepare students for the upcoming break. This includes reviewing key concepts, setting goals for independent study during the vacation, and fostering a sense of responsibility for their own learning among students.

Moreover, educators are mindful of the potential impact of the extended break on students' academic performance and are prepared to provide additional support and resources upon their return to school. By maintaining open communication with parents and students and implementing proactive measures to address learning regression, schools aim to ensure that students make the most of their spring holiday while continuing to progress academically.

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