Abu Dhabi Authority reveals the closure of Wafra Meat Catering for this reason

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has taken decisive action against Wafra Meat Catering LLC in Abu Dhabi, issuing a closure directive following severe violations of food safety laws.

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This action was sparked by the company's failure to comply with applicable rules, particularly Abu Dhabi's Food Law No. 2 of 2008, which posed substantial health hazards to the public. Wafra Meat Catering LLC was shut down by authorities after three violations and frequent violations of food safety regulations. Among the crimes discovered were the distribution of meat without required documentation, such as slaughter dates, and the sale of rotten meat deemed unfit for human consumption.

This administrative closure is a necessary measure to ensure the protection of consumers and uphold food safety standards in Abu Dhabi. The authority emphasizes that the closure will remain in effect until the company rectifies the violations, fulfills all operational requirements, and addresses the underlying reasons for the closure. The closure of Wafra Meat Catering LLC underscores the authority's commitment to enforcing food safety regulations across all establishments operating in Abu Dhabi. Regardless of the nature of their operations or the products they handle, all establishments are subject to periodic inspections by authority inspectors to ensure compliance with food safety protocols.

The authority asks the public to be on guard in the wake of this enforcement action and to report any infractions or worries they may have about the safety of food. The Abu Dhabi Government hotline, 800555, is meant for citizens to report any suspicious activity or dubious food goods. The authority wants to protect everyone who lives in Abu Dhabi and visits the city by promoting an environment of openness and responsibility.

Wafra Meat Catering LLC's shutdown serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to follow food safety laws and uphold strict standards of hygiene when handling and preparing food. In order to safeguard public health and foster consumer confidence, the authority keeps up its vigilant efforts to make sure that all food establishments in Abu Dhabi adhere to the strictest standards of food safety.

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