UAE announces "International Happiness Day" celebration on this date

The United Arab Emirates is unrelenting in its efforts to improve the general standard of living, happiness, and societal satisfaction of its people and residents.

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The integration of "community happiness" into different government systems and practices is central to this endeavor, as it is regarded as a basic criterion for assessing success and advancement.

The United Arab Emirates, known for consistently achieving high rankings in global happiness assessments conducted by the Sustainable Solutions Development Network under the UN Secretariat, observes "International Happiness Day" on March 20th. These evaluations consider eight factors, encompassing aspects such as income distribution, social assistance, individual autonomy in decision-making, generosity, corruption levels, happiness levels, and indicators of anxiety and depression.

The UAE has carried out a number of programs and projects over the years with the goal of promoting communal well-being. The Ministry of State for Happiness and Quality of Life eventually replaced the notable post of Minister of State for Happiness, which was created in 2016. In July 2020, there were more ministerial reorganizations that resulted in the Ministry of Community Development being given more authority over happiness and life quality.

The National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life was founded in 2016 with the goal of promoting happiness and productivity in federal government offices. It also developed a national charter for happiness and implemented a number of workplace initiatives. Furthermore, the government's commitment to promoting happiness at the individual, family, and social levels is emphasized by the National Charter for Happiness and Positivity, which was endorsed by the Council of Ministers.

To gauge happiness levels and societal priorities, the UAE government launched the National Survey of Happiness and Positivity, utilizing the findings to inform legislative, policy, and program development aimed at enhancing positivity and community well-being.

Further reinforcing its commitment, the UAE adopted the National Policy for Digital Quality of Life, aligning with the National Strategy for Quality of Life 2031 and the UAE Centennial 2071 goals. Additionally, the establishment of the Global Alliance for Happiness and Wellbeing in 2018 and the adoption of policies like the "Back to School Policy" and the National Strategy for Quality of Life 2031 demonstrate the UAE's dedication to enhancing societal well-being and happiness at various levels.

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