UAE reveals the full benefits of golden, green, and retirement visas

The UAE offers a range of visa options catering to various needs, whether for long-term residency or short-term stays, attracting a diverse pool of individuals from across the globe.

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These visas cater to non-working expatriates, providing an opportunity for freelancers, remote workers, students, retirees, and job seekers to establish themselves in the UAE. Among the non-work visas available, the Green Visa stands out, offering a five-year self-employed or freelance visa for skilled professionals and their families. Eligibility for this visa requires individuals to hold a bachelor's degree or specialized diploma and a freelance permit or self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate an annual income of at least AED360,000 for two years or show financial stability throughout their stay.

The Green Visa offers a variety of perks, including the option to sponsor family members, extended sponsorship for male children up to the age of 25, accommodations for children with special needs, and a grace period for overstaying after the visa has expired. The application process consists of downloading the GDRFA-Dubai application, registering a user account, selecting the desired service, attaching required papers, paying applicable fees, and submitting the request.

Another choice is the Virtual Work Visa, which permits people to live in the United Arab Emirates on their own dime. Proof of remote work performed outside of the United Arab Emirates and a $3,500 monthly income are required for eligibility. The duration of this visa is one year; however, it can be extended under certain circumstances. If you want to study in the United Arab Emirates, you can apply for a student visa sponsored by your school. These visas are usually good for a year and can be renewed. Job searchers can apply for a 60-, 90-, or 120-day visa that allows them to work in the UAE without a sponsor. Specific skill levels or graduation from recognized universities are among the requirements.

Retired individuals may apply for a five-year visa provided they meet certain criteria, such as a minimum age or number of years of service. The UAE Golden Visa is a popular substitute for permanent residency that is available to professionals, scientists, investors, unique talent, excellent students, humanitarian pioneers, and entrepreneurs. A wide range of people looking for job or residency alternatives find the UAE to be a desirable site because of the unique benefits and qualifying requirements for each category.

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