UAE reveals a new project to assess emergency healthcare in Dubai

In collaboration with the Canadian International Accreditation and Standards Organisation (HSO/AC), the Dubai Health Authority has initiated the "Assessment of Critical Care and Emergency Transfer Services" endeavor.

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Aligned with the authority's emergency medicine strategy, this initiative underscores its commitment to establishing a robust, unified healthcare framework grounded in innovation and excellence across all sectors.

The principal aim of the initiative is to create a safe and efficient route for individuals in need of emergency medical care. Its goal is to provide emergency medical treatment and critical care services with the highest level of effectiveness and quality possible across the Emirate of Dubai.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, the Executive Director of the Health Regulation Sector at the Dubai Health Authority, underscored the centrality of patient welfare in all initiatives undertaken by the authority. He emphasised that collaborating with the Canadian Accreditation Foundation marks a significant milestone in realising the authority's vision for Dubai to emerge as a hub for excellence and innovation in healthcare, fostering happiness and prosperity among its residents.

There are several steps to the project, one of which is an evaluation of the emirate's current emergency medical care system. This entails determining the most important areas for improvement and the ones that still require work, with an emphasis on bringing processes into line with global industry standards. The procedure is carried out in close coordination with key partners like the Dubai Corporation for Facilities, Health Insurance, and Ambulance Services. In order to guarantee a thorough and careful assessment of the current system, it entails assessing emergency medicine services provided by both the public and private healthcare sectors and including pertinent parties.

Dr. Al-Mulla highlighted that the evaluation process involves conducting on-site visits to several hospitals providing emergency services in Dubai. These visits enable a thorough understanding of the current operational framework and pave the way for enhancing service comprehensiveness and standardising practices to ensure consistent and effective handling of emergency cases.

The CEO of the Canadian Accreditation Foundation, Leslie Thompson, stressed that the Dubai Health Authority and the Foundation are both committed to strengthening the emergency medicine system in the emirate. This partnership demonstrates the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence in providing citizens of Dubai with necessary healthcare services. Thompson highlighted how the two organisations' productive collaboration made it possible for the project to succeed and provide top-notch medical care in accordance with international best practices, thereby enhancing Dubai's standing in the global healthcare arena.

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