UAE announces Federal National Council 6th Session Date

The Federal National Council will have its sixth session of the first regular session of the eighteenth legislative term on February 28th, led by the Council's Speaker, His Excellency Saqr Ghobash.

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The meeting will be held in the Council's Abu Dhabi headquarters, in Zayed Hall. The government's policies regarding criteria and programmes linked to marriage grants and initiatives meant to prepare future applicants for marriage are the main topic of discussion on the agenda. The Council will specifically ask five questions of government representatives on this issue.

In addition to deliberating on marriage-related policies, the Council will scrutinize the report presented by the Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. This report pertains to the recommendations put forth regarding the government's approach to ensuring water security. Furthermore, the Council will also examine the report compiled by the Social Affairs, Labor, Population, and Human Resources Committee. This report focuses on the recommendations concerning the government's strategy aimed at fostering increased citizen involvement in the healthcare sector.

The upcoming session of the Federal National Council signifies an important opportunity for legislative discussions and decision-making on critical issues affecting the nation. With His Excellency Saqr Ghobash at the helm, the Council is poised to engage in constructive dialogue with government representatives to assess and enhance existing policies related to marriage grants and the preparation of future applicants. Additionally, the Council's attention to reports from specialised committees underscores its commitment to addressing pressing concerns such as water security and citizen participation in healthcare.

Through these discussions and deliberations, the Federal National Council reaffirms its role as a vital legislative body dedicated to serving the interests of the nation and its citizens. As the Council gathers for its sixth session, it remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to the advancement and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates.

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