UAE: Referral of 84 Alleged Muslim Brotherhood Members to State Security Court

In a significant legal development, Counsellor Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the Attorney General of the State, has directed the referral of 84 individuals, predominantly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation in the Emirates, to the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal (State Security Court).

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Defendants Linked to the Muslim Brotherhood Face Terrorism Charges

They are to face trial for the alleged establishment of another clandestine organisation with the intent of carrying out acts of violence and terrorism within the state.

Background of the Case

The defendants, identified as part of the Muslim Brotherhood, are implicated in the crime of forming an undisclosed organisation dedicated to executing acts of violence and terrorism on the territory of the state. The charges were brought to light during the proceedings of Case No. 17 of the 2013 State Security Penalty.

Investigations and legal proceedings

Prompted by credible information and thorough investigations, the public prosecutor initiated an inquiry into the details of the alleged crime. Legal representation was assigned to each accused individual to ensure a fair trial. Following an extensive six-month period of research and investigation, along with the unveiling of substantial evidence indicating the commission of the crime, the public prosecutor made the decision to bring the accused before a public trial at the State Security Court.

Ongoing legal proceedings

The trial is currently underway at the State Security Court, where witnesses have started providing their testimony. In the interest of ensuring a just legal process, the public prosecutor took the initiative to assign a defence lawyer to each accused individual who was unable to appoint legal representation independently.

This legal action underscores the commitment of the authorities to address and prosecute individuals involved in activities deemed detrimental to the security and stability of the state, particularly those associated with extremist organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

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