UAE: Ramadan initiative targets Dh160 million to aid global needy

The Dar Al-Ber Society initiated a substantial Ramadan campaign with the goal of raising Dh160 million to assist numerous fasting and disadvantaged individuals locally and globally.

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Dr. Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, the CEO of Dar Al Ber, underscored the campaign's emphasis on supporting the less fortunate during Ramadan, aligning with the charitable directives of UAE leadership. This endeavor mirrors the ethos of generosity and solidarity, encapsulating the essence of the holy month.

Speaking to local media at the society's headquarters, Dr. Al Muhairi delineated their Ramadan campaign titled 'O Seeker of Goodness, Come Forward,' highlighting its objective to aid various vulnerable demographics, including fasting individuals, the needy, orphans, the sick, widows, individuals in debt, and others.

Fourteen philanthropic endeavors and projects are included in the Ramadan campaign, which spans four distinct seasons. A total of Dh5,150,000 is estimated to have been expended within the UAE, which is expected to benefit 366,450 individuals. In contrast, the expenditures outside the country amount to Dh4,773,750, which will support 579,853 beneficiaries.

Dr. Al Muhairi accentuated the organization's seasonal Ramadan projects, notably the pivotal Iftar initiative, which furnishes daily meals to 324,000 individuals across 23 locations. Within the UAE, 1,080,000 meals are distributed daily to fasting individuals, yielding a significant impact. Additionally, outside the country, 281,256 individuals receive assistance, costing Dh1,038,000. This assistance encompasses the provision of cooked meals or food baskets capable of sustaining an average of five people.

Seasonal and yearly Zakat Al-Fitr projects are among the many efforts included in the current Ramadan project package. At a cost of Dh1 million, 7,700 individuals are helped by the Zakat Al-Fitr scheme inside the country.

Beyond the country's borders, the Zakat Al-Fitr project serves 267,500 beneficiaries at a cost of Dh2,200,000. Additionally, there's the Eid Al-Fitr clothing project, which benefits 450 families domestically and is valued at Dh150,000.

Internationally, Eid Al-Fitr clothing assists 25,837 beneficiaries at a cost of Dh155,000, while Eid clothing for orphans outside the Emirates supports 5,260 orphans at a cost of Dh1,380,750. Lastly, the food baskets project offers support to two thousand families domestically, providing main food supplies or purchase cards with a total value of Dh1 million.

Dr. Al Muhairi urged philanthropists to collaborate in supporting the Ramadan campaign to realize its charitable and humanitarian goals. He stressed the significance of aiding the needy and meeting their requirements, encouraging donations through Dar Al Ber's website, smart applications, representatives in shopping centers, or by visiting the society's branches and customer service departments across the country.

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