UAE offers shelter to 173 families hit by heavy rains

The importance of cooperative and coordinated efforts between security and civic agencies nationwide was stressed by the Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Team in Sharjah.

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Their combined efforts were essential in handling the fallout from unfavourable weather in the Eastern Region and saving lives.

The team implemented a comprehensive plan to address the challenges posed by the inclement weather, working in tandem with a variety of partners such as the General Authority of Civil Defence, local municipalities, transportation authorities, utilities providers, social services agencies, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and humanitarian organisations like Sharjah Charitable Society and Emirates Red Crescent Authority.

Their systematic approach prioritised swift and safe response to incidents, aimed at mitigating the adverse impacts of the weather conditions. A series of shelter operations were conducted across the Eastern Region, providing refuge to approximately 1,010 individuals from 173 families whose homes had been damaged by heavy rains. This effort involved the deployment of 528 security personnel, 621 municipal staff, and the mobilisation of 55 police patrols, along with 321 heavy vehicles, including tanks, water pumps, and freight vehicles, contributed by municipalities and other stakeholders.

Following the successful sheltering operations, the Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Team in Sharjah initiated a phased return plan. This involved reopening closed roads, restoring normal traffic flow, and facilitating the safe return of affected families to their homes. Continuous efforts were made to address the residual effects of rainwater, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Through effective collaboration and meticulous planning, the team in Sharjah demonstrated resilience and dedication in managing crisis situations, underscoring the importance of unified efforts in ensuring public safety and disaster response.

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