UAE Proactively Responds to Heavy Rain Challenges

In the eastern region of the UAE, rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning has led to the flow of water in valleys and other water bodies.

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The Dhadna area recorded the highest rainfall at 5.5 mm. To address the situation, the Municipality of Khor Fakkan City has taken immediate action by deploying a dedicated team equipped with machinery to monitor the weather conditions.

Engineer Fawzia Rashid Al-Qadi, the director of the municipality, emphasized the need to identify and address the areas affected by the rainfall promptly. The team's responsibilities include cleaning rainwater drainage networks and valleys in the city. Additionally, equipment and machinery have been strategically distributed, and a hotline has been established to receive calls from the public.

Preemptive measures have been implemented in Khor Fakkan and Kalba cities, with low-lying areas filled in advance to prevent the accumulation of rainwater. The mouths of valleys have also been opened to facilitate the direct flow of water into the sea, thereby minimizing water accumulations in residential and commercial areas.

In Kalba, emergency teams have been prepared to address water accumulations, and work teams are deployed across various areas to address immediate needs. Pumps and mechanisms have been strategically placed in internal and main streets to prevent traffic disruptions caused by accumulated rainwater.

Fujairah Municipality has devised a comprehensive plan to tackle water accumulations resulting from anticipated heavy rains. Preparedness measures include the distribution of disguises, machinery, equipment, and pumps to extract water from flooded sites. The municipality is actively managing reports received through a 24-hour hotline, and community members are being alerted via social media about areas prone to water accumulation and the movement of valleys, advising them to stay away for safety.

These coordinated efforts by municipalities in response to adverse weather conditions underscore the proactive approach taken to minimize the impact of heavy rains and ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

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