UAE schools avoid social media platforms to communicate with parents

Parents of students have been cautioned by schools against discussing school-related matters on social media and chat applications.

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Such actions could result in legal consequences under cybercrime laws. The warnings emphasize that these discussions should only take place within the school's internal channels, involving administrative and academic staff.

Private schools, responding to these concerns, highlight the importance of prioritizing students' interests and emphasize that all students have equal rights and duties. They categorize defaming or insulting the school on social media as a clear legal violation, potentially leading to the school refusing re-registration for the student.

Concerns from students' families indicate a resort to social media platforms due to communication breakdowns with school administrations, citing a lack of response to complaints and a failure to address issues impartially. Parents stress the necessity of active communication between school administrations, teachers, and parents to monitor students' academic and behavioral progress.

Suggestions from parents include the activation of parents' councils with regular, agenda-driven meetings facilitated by school administrations to improve communication. Criticisms also arise regarding the language barrier, with some schools adopting English as the sole language of communication, hindering effective dialogue with non-English-speaking parents.

Private schools, in response, express their commitment to monitoring inflammatory posts on social media platforms and emphasize their right to take legal measures to protect their academic reputation. They point out the existence of an ethical and behavioral charter signed by students' families, outlining responsibilities regarding defamation or harm to the school.

Private schools must set up a permanent complaints committee in order to handle written complaints made against the institution, according to the Department of Education and Knowledge. While schools emphasize the many avenues for communication, parent-teacher councils, and frequent updates on students' academic success as part of their communication strategies, questions remain over how well these procedures work to resolve problems.

Moreover, the article outlines the challenges and tensions between parents and schools in the UAE regarding communication, the use of social media, and addressing concerns. Schools assert their commitment to legal measures to safeguard their reputation, while parents highlight the need for improved communication channels and the resolution of complaints.

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