UAE Police: Tragic accident causes 3 deaths and 1 injury

The Sharjah Police General Command conveyed heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the families affected by a tragic traffic accident on Emirates Road, resulting in the loss of three lives and severe injuries to another individual.

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The police authorities also extended their wishes for a swift recovery to the injured person currently undergoing treatment due to the severe consequences of the accident.

Prompt Response and Incident Details

The Central Operations Room of the Sharjah Police promptly received a distress call at 7:17 in the evening on the previous Saturday, reporting an accident involving a four-wheel-drive vehicle on Emirates Road, descending from Al-Zubair Tunnel towards Bridge No. 7. Immediate response teams, including the competent police force and the National Ambulance, rushed to the reported location. Upon arrival, it was determined that the accident occurred when a vehicle malfunctioned, colliding with the iron barrier dividing the two lanes and a light pole. Regrettably, three citizens lost their lives, and a fourth individual sustained severe injuries, necessitating urgent hospitalization for medical treatment.

Excessive speed and sudden deviation

Upon thorough inspection and analysis of the accident, it was established that the primary cause was attributed to excessive speed and an abrupt deviation from the normal course. The Sharjah Police General Command took the opportunity to appeal to all drivers to adhere strictly to traffic regulations, maintain appropriate speeds, stay focused on the road without distractions, and exercise utmost caution while operating vehicles. The emphasis on responsible driving is accompanied by sincere wishes for the safety of everyone on the roads.

Final Appeal for Caution

Moreover, the Sharjah Police General Command underlines the importance of responsible driving practices and urges the public to prioritize adherence to traffic rules. By reducing speeds, staying vigilant, and avoiding distractions, individuals can contribute to ensuring road safety for themselves and others. The message from the authorities resonates as a final appeal for caution, with the overarching goal of preventing tragic incidents on the roads.

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