Abu Dhabi court orders a car seller to refund 62,000 dirhams to buyer

A automobile sales contract was recently declared illegal by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court, which ordered the vendor to reimburse the buyer 62 thousand dirhams.

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The complainant was also awarded an additional 1,500 dirhams in reimbursement by the court, which ruled in support of the car testing center and the vendor.

Background of the Lawsuit

The case unfolded when a young man initiated legal proceedings against a car dealer and a vehicle inspection center. The plaintiff sought the annulment of the car sales contract, demanding a joint obligation from the defendants to refund him 62 thousand dirhams. This sum encompassed the car's value, registration, inspection, and insurance fees. Furthermore, the plaintiff sought compensation for damages totaling 1,500 dirhams, along with an obligation for the defendants to cover the legal fees and expenses.

Deceptive car sales and collisions

The heart of the dispute lay in the fact that the car dealer sold the plaintiff a vehicle for 62 thousand dirhams, ensuring it was accident-free. After an initial inspection at an approved center, deemed credible, discrepancies emerged. It was revealed that the car had been in multiple accidents, undergone extensive repainting, and had a broken and welded gearbox. Suspecting foul play, the buyer sought a second opinion, confirming the hidden defects.

The Court's'serdict and Expert Analysis

The court, after considering the assigned expert's report, substantiated the existence of concealed defects in the car. Despite being duly informed, the defendant failed to appear and present any claims in response to the lawsuit. Consequently, the court had no option but to nullify the sales contract, returning both parties to their pre-contractual status. The court mandated the seller to reimburse the plaintiff the entire car value specified in the contract.

Compensation for Fault and Inspection Error

Regarding damages, the court determined that the defendant was at fault. The designated expert verified a mistake made during the first inspection by the second defendant, the vehicle inspection center. As a result of the court's decision in the plaintiff's favor, both defendants must now make restitution. The joint defendants were forced to pay an extra 1,500 dirhams, while the first defendant was ordered to pay 62 thousand dirhams. In addition, the defendants were required by the court to pay all costs and fees associated with the legal process.

The court's rulings in this lawsuit seek to restore justice by making up for the unfair car sale and paying the injured party for their losses.

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