UAE Police Seize 132 Vehicles and Issue 560 Recklessness Violations

In a recent initiative, the Dubai Police General Traffic Department took swift action by impounding a total of 132 vehicles, comprising 91 cars and 41 motorcycles.

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Furthermore, this operation led to the issuance of 560 penalties for traffic infractions against the involved drivers.

Director's Firm Stance and Warning to Reckless Drivers

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, the Director of the General Traffic Department, emphasised the department's uncompromising stance towards drivers failing to adhere to traffic rules. He underscored the seriousness of the situation, highlighting that the parents of juveniles and teenagers caught driving recklessly will be summoned.

Implementation of Decree 30 of 2023

Major General Al Mazrouei outlined the enforcement of Decree (30) of 2023, aimed at safeguarding lives and property by addressing the issue of reckless drivers jeopardising their safety and the safety of others. He pointed out that the release of impounded vehicles and bicycles, as per the decree, comes with a hefty fine, amounting to fifty thousand dirhams.

Raising awareness among parents

Major General Al Mazrouei emphasised the importance parents play in preventing their children from committing traffic offences, expressing concern about the lack of awareness among certain parents. He emphasised that in cases of serious accidents, such infractions could result in potentially fatal scenarios. The director asked community members to report these practices by calling the number provided or using the "Police Eye" feature found in the Dubai Police smartphone application.

Dubai Police's dedication to maintaining road safety, making drivers accountable for their acts, and educating parents to promote a safer driving environment for everyone is demonstrated by the recent raid. Reporting any infractions seen is encouraged by the community, which helps to keep the roadways safer and more secure overall.

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