UAE Police Offers Safety Kits to Bicycle and Scooter Users

In a joint effort, the Dubai Police General Command and the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have launched a campaign to enhance traffic safety for bicycle and scooter users in Dubai.

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The initiative focuses on designated paths and specific areas and includes the distribution of safety equipment.

Traffic Safety Tool Distribution:

The campaign involves the distribution of essential safety tools to bicycle and scooter users, emphasising the importance of adherence to traffic regulations. Users on specified paths and targeted areas receive helmets, reflective phosphorescent belts, and water cans designed for bicycles. The distribution extends to bicycle drivers and scooter users in residential complexes owned by Emaar and Nakheel.

Commitment to Traffic Culture:

The Director of the General Traffic Department, Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, emphasises the dedication of the RTA and Dubai Police to raising knowledge and fostering a culture of traffic that minimises errors in judgement, increases adherence to the law, and decreases traffic accidents. The goal is to improve safety standards and create a safer atmosphere for all users of the road, including pedestrians, drivers, and passengers.

Extensive Awareness Efforts:

Major General Al Mazrouei underscores the significant efforts made by various authorities in Dubai to ensure road safety. The collaboration between Dubai Police and the RTA involves extensive field visits, where safety tools are provided alongside information, guidance, and advice on traffic safety requirements.

Cooperation in 2023:

The RTA has made over 90 awareness visits to different venues and events in Dubai in 2023. These programmes have directly helped over 3,000 riders and users of electric scooters by providing them with personal knowledge of traffic safety regulations and rules. During these visits, awareness-raising tips and recommendations on averting road accidents and reporting infractions are also given.

Adherence to Safety Measures:

The public is urged to adhere to traffic safety requirements and use designated areas for bicycles and scooters. This approach aims to reduce traffic violations within this category and emphasises complying with specified speed limits based on different regions. Maximum speeds are set at 20 km/hour in residential areas and beaches and 30 km/hour on roads shared with vehicles, while no specific speed limits are outlined for Saih al-Salam and Qudra Road.

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