UAE Penalizes 153 Employers for Allowing Unauthorized Domestic Worker Employment

The UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) has recently cracked down hard on businesses that broke rules meant to protect domestic workers.

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The UAE Ministry Takes Strict Measures Against Employers Violating Domestic Worker Regulations

Following extensive nationwide inspections conducted over the past two months, Mohre has imposed fines of Dh50,000 on as many as 153 employers who were discovered employing domestic workers illegally.

Uncovering Violations

The inspections uncovered cases where domestic workers were working for employers who did not have the proper authorization to hire them, going beyond their legal employment licences. Employers and their families may face social and health hazards as a result of this behaviour, which also goes against current laws.

Administrative Penalties

As a response to these violations, Mohre has implemented stern administrative penalties against the offending employers. In addition to the Dh50,000 fines, the ministry has blocked the files of these employers, preventing them from applying for new domestic worker permits.

Furthermore, the cases have been forwarded to the Public Prosecution, which may impose additional legal and financial sanctions.

Legal Framework and Restrictions

The aforementioned activities align with the provisions of a federal decree law enacted in 2022, which unequivocally forbids domestic labourers from working without legitimate permits. Additionally, specific conditions stipulated by the law must be fulfilled prior to domestic labourers accepting supplementary employment. Employers discovered to be engaging in these practices with their personnel will be subject to corresponding penalties.

Compliance and Authorised Agencies

Domestic worker recruiting agencies are subject to oversight by the ministry, and Mohre is requesting that employers only deal with these companies. Listed on Mohre's website and social media, these agencies serve the families of Emiratis and residents with exceptional care while also ensuring compliance with legal norms.

Reporting Mechanism

In an effort to foster a culture of compliance and awareness, residents are encouraged to report any instances of illegal practices or provide feedback about domestic worker recruitment agencies. This can be done by dialling 600590000, contributing to the ongoing efforts to uphold regulations and safeguard the rights of domestic workers while maintaining the well-being of employers and their families.

This stringent enforcement underscores Mohre's commitment to ensuring responsible and legal employment practices within the UAE.

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