UAE Police cautions job seekers against fraudulent recruitment tactics

With relation to the revival of deceptive techniques used by scammers and fraudsters, Abu Dhabi Police have issued a strong warning, encouraging the public to remain cautious against these fraudulent schemes.

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The alert particularly draws attention to phoney calls and links to shady websites that are sent by SMS and are intended to trick gullible people into falling into financial traps.

Job searchers who become victims of con artists' "fake employment" schemes are especially concerning. By using official events and activities as a cover, these people pretend to be legitimate while tempting applicants with the promise of well-paying jobs. They create fictitious company pages on key social media networks, masquerading as real employment agencies or programmes. Subsequently, unsuspecting candidates are forced to pay fees for these fictitious positions, only to discover afterwards that they were tricked.

To combat these nefarious activities, Abu Dhabi Police emphasizes the importance of safeguarding confidential information. The public is strongly advised against sharing sensitive details such as account or card information, online banking passwords, ATM personal identification numbers (PINs), or security codes (CCV). It is reiterated that legitimate bank representatives will never request such information from customers.

People are encouraged to report fraudulent conduct to the closest police station right away if they come across it. They may also text 2828 or call 8002626 to speak with an Aman service representative for assistance. This proactive strategy supports law enforcement's efforts to curb fraudulent operations while also protecting victims.

Abu Dhabi Police further advocates for the activation of protective measures to enhance the efficacy of combating fraudulent activities. This includes the implementation of robust security protocols to identify and eliminate malicious websites that aim to deceive individuals and steal their savings. It is emphasized that succumbing to these illusory temptations can have severe repercussions, highlighting the importance of exercising caution and discretion in all online interactions.

Abu Dhabi Police wants to enable the public to recognise and foil fraudulent schemes by increasing knowledge and offering advice on preventive actions. This will ultimately improve community safety and security.

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