Dubai Police logs 105 reports of electronic child safety concerns

The Dubai Police's relentless efforts to combat crimes against children perpetrated via electronic networks have yielded significant results.

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Since the establishment of the "Children’s Crimes via Electronic Networks" Section within the Electronic Investigation Department of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigations at the Dubai Police six months ago, a total of 105 cases, complaints, and reports have been documented. This development underscores the urgent need to address the escalating threats posed by cybercrimes targeting children.

The head of the Crimes Against Children Department, Captain Ahmed Al-Jallaf, revealed that the internet investigation department has assembled a specialised squad whose job it is to combat internet crimes aimed at minors. In addition to managing data and reports obtained via the e-Crime platform, this team is in charge of keeping an eye on electronic publications that can analyse criminal activity on the internet on a national and worldwide scale.

The creation of this specialised division is consistent with Dubai Police's legal obligation to protect children's rights. Its main goal is to stop several kinds of cybercrimes against kids, like child pornography distribution, cyberbullying, and the use of the internet to manipulate and exploit minors. The department hopes to protect kids online from predators by resolving these concerns and making the internet a safer place for them.

Al-Jallaf emphasized the crucial role played by the department in supporting the broader objectives of the Electronic Investigation Department in tackling electronic and cybercrimes. With the increasing reliance on communication technologies in various aspects of daily life, children are becoming more vulnerable to online threats. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance measures aimed at protecting them from potential harm.

Furthermore, the specialised department is responsible for receiving and investigating information, reports, complaints, and allegations related to electronic crimes against children. Through meticulous research and thorough investigation, it seeks to ascertain the details of each case and take appropriate legal measures to ensure the safety and well-being of children. This proactive approach underscores Dubai Police's unwavering commitment to combating cybercrimes and protecting vulnerable members of society, particularly children, in the digital age.

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