UAE: Loan agreement allows end-of-service deduction; employment termination impact

Inquiries about loan repayment rights often surface, particularly when employment termination is on the horizon.

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Navigating Loan Repayment after Employment Termination in the UAE:

A reader seeks clarity on whether a bank in the UAE can recover the outstanding loan amount from their end-of-service gratuity. Delving into the regulations, this article aims to shed light on the relevant provisions and considerations.

Applicability of Central Bank Guidelines

It is important to note that the Central Bank of the UAE's Notice No. 3692/2012, which specifically addresses General Terms and Conditions and Loan Agreements drafted and approved by the Emirates Bank Association, serves as the basis for the response.

Clause Inclusion in the Loan Agreement

A common provision in personal loan agreements states that the lender's bank account must be debited with the borrower's pay and end-of-service perks. This conforms to the guidelines laid out by the Central Bank of the UAE in their approved formats for personal loan agreements (Article 2(1)). The borrower's agreement to these terms serves as a security and assurance that all fees, commissions, and interest will be repaid in full.

Immediate Repayment Demand in Certain Scenarios

Article 4(6) of the Personal Loan Agreement Formats Approved by the Central Bank of the UAE, it grants the lender the authority to demand immediate repayment of the outstanding balance if there are apprehensions about the borrower's ability to fulfil their obligations post-employment termination. The clause states that if the bank observes grounds indicating the borrower's inability to meet obligations, repayment becomes due without prior notification or court ruling.

Loan Recovery Mechanism Post-Employment Termination

The lender has the right to deduct the amount of the loan from the borrower's final settlement if the borrower's job is terminated. The UAE Central Bank has established standards for personal loan agreements, and this conforms to them.

Exemption in the Case of New Employment

Notably, the lender may refrain from such recovery if the borrower secures new employment and can assure the lender that they will receive remuneration from the new employer, enabling continued repayment to the lender. This exemption underscores the importance of a borrower's ability to provide evidence of new employment and financial stability.

Understanding these regulations empowers borrowers to navigate potential loan recovery scenarios post-employment termination, offering clarity on the rights and obligations embedded in personal loan agreements in the UAE.

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