Dubai unveils Temporary Closure of Al Sufouh Beach

Popular Dubai beach Al Sufouh also spelt "secret," "hidden," and "Black Palace" is now temporarily restricted to the public.

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Unveiling the Closure: Popular Dubai Beach Shut Temporarily

The closure notice is prominently displayed at the entrance of Al Sufouh Beach, raising concerns among the regular visitors who cherish its serene shores.

Guarded Closure:

During a recent visit on a Friday night, the beach was found barricaded with a security guard stationed at the entrance. The guard was informing disgruntled visitors about the temporary closure, which added a sense of uncertainty to the beach's typically lively atmosphere.

Personal Impact: A Beach Integral to Daily Rituals

For Algerian expat Amar Benatia, Al Sufouh Beach is more than just a recreational spot; it's a vital part of his daily routine. Expressing his distress, he shared, "I go there to walk and swim every single morning all year long. I had a stressful year at work, and going there helps me a lot." He, along with other regulars, expressed hope for a swift reopening, emphasising the emotional bond they share with this particular beach.

Hidden Gem: Behind the Barricade

Nestled between the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel and Palm Jumeirah island, Al Sufouh Beach is renowned for its stunning sunset views. Its discreet entrance, concealed behind a row of trees, and the lack of extensive lighting contribute to its status as a hidden gem. Despite its'secret' reputation, the beach has become a favoured destination for both residents and tourists, drawing crowds during evenings and weekends.

Anxieties and Anticipation:

The closure has left regulars and enthusiasts anxious, as the beach holds a special place in their hearts. The hope lingers that the closure is indeed temporary and that the beach will soon reopen, allowing its dedicated community to resume their cherished routines and experiences along its sandy shores.

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