UAE launches Program to Train 1,000 Citizens for Private Education Advancement

The Emirates Competitiveness Council (NAFES) has highlighted the significance of the "Teachers" qualification program in developing Emirati talent within the education sector.

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This initiative aims to address the specific needs of the labor market by providing citizens with the necessary training and accreditation to work in private education, a sector prioritized by the UAE government for its role in enhancing the educational landscape.

The Council clarified the extent of the "Teachers" program through a series of advisory articles that were disseminated on social media channels. It prepares 1,000 young people for professions in teaching and school administration in the private education sector through four phases of training. It is targeted at citizens with diplomas or bachelor's degrees. From teaching Arabic and Islamic studies to offering specialized education for kids with specific needs, these phases cover a range of educational responsibilities.

Instilling in participants the standards and abilities necessary to uphold excellence in education is one of the program's key goals. This includes upholding ethical integrity, respecting cultural norms, and acting in a professional manner. Along with guaranteeing students' wellbeing, the curriculum also places a strong emphasis on adhering to legal standards and aligning with the UAE's educational mission.

The "teachers" curriculum is a blended learning strategy that blends online self-study with in-person seminars to support both individual and group learning. The course runs for 12 weeks, with weekly in-person and remote sessions alternated.

Participants in the program commit to fulfilling several obligations, including meeting general conditions for Emirati cadres, providing necessary documentation, and adhering to program regulations. Attendance at mandatory meetings and workshops is required, and participants must inform training authorities of any absences or withdrawals promptly.

To apply for the program, candidates must navigate a series of steps on the official NAFES electronic platform. This includes logging in with a digital ID, selecting the "Kafaat Program," browsing through rehabilitation and empowerment programs, and finally submitting an application after agreeing to program terms. The "teachers" program represents a crucial endeavor in nurturing local talent and enhancing the quality of education in the UAE's private sector.

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