UAE reveals the number of public transportation passengers during Eid Al Fitr

During the recent Eid Al Fitr holidays, Dubai's public transportation system experienced a substantial surge in ridership, as indicated by data released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

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Between April 10 and 12, a total of 5.9 million passengers utilized various modes of public transport to partake in the festivities marking the conclusion of Ramadan.

Among these modes, the Dubai Metro emerged as the primary choice for commuters, accommodating 2.32 million passengers across its red and green lines during the three-day period. The Dubai Tram also contributed to the transportation landscape, facilitating the travel of 115 thousand passengers, while public buses catered to 1.2 million riders. Additionally, marine services experienced significant patronage, with 416 thousand individuals opting for water transport.

Beyond public options, private hire vehicles experienced heightened demand, with taxis transporting 1.6 million passengers and shared mobility platforms, such as ride-hailing apps, serving 308,000 users.

The robust utilization of public transportation during the Eid holidays underscores its importance in facilitating mobility and connectivity within Dubai. The Dubai Metro, with its extensive coverage and efficient service, continues to be a preferred choice for commuters seeking convenient and reliable travel options. Similarly, the Dubai Tram, public buses, and marine services play crucial roles in enhancing accessibility and easing traffic congestion during peak periods.

The surge in private hire vehicle usage also reflects the diverse preferences of commuters and the flexibility offered by these services. Taxis remain a popular choice for many, providing door-to-door transportation, while ride-hailing apps offer additional convenience and accessibility, particularly for those seeking on-demand travel solutions.

The significant increase in passengers utilizing Dubai's public transportation system during the Eid holidays underscores its vital role in supporting the city's mobility needs and enhancing the overall travel experience for residents and visitors alike.

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