UAE launches "A'awen" Initiative via "Jood" to Aid Health-Stricken

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Community Development Authority in Dubai and the Al Jalila Foundation to introduce the forthcoming "Aoun" initiative.

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The initiative aims to aid individuals with health conditions through the "Joud" platform, urging private sector entities and businessmen to contribute towards assisting deserving medical cases unable to cover treatment expenses.

Under this memorandum, the Community Development Authority will furnish updates on the initiative's progress via the "Joud" platform, facilitating interested parties, including individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations, to contribute and donate. The authority will oversee the donation process in line with approved procedures on the platform.

Al Jalila Foundation, spearheading charitable endeavors in Dubai Health, will identify beneficiary cases in collaboration with private sector entities and individuals contributing to the initiative. Additionally, it will furnish quarterly reports on assisted cases to the participating parties.

Saeed Ahmed Al Tayer, the Executive Director of the Social Development Sector at the Community Development Authority, stressed the significance of collaborative efforts among all institutions within the country to establish an integrated and sustainable social development system, ensuring optimal opportunities for all members of society, particularly the vulnerable segments. Al Tayer emphasized the pivotal role of the "Jood" platform in fostering a responsible society where diverse efforts converge to enhance community members' quality of life.

Dr. Amer Al Zarouni, Executive Director of Al Jalila Foundation, expressed pleasure in partnering with the Community Development Authority to bolster charitable and community work at the emirate level. He highlighted the opportunity provided through this collaboration for community members to contribute to the Al Jalila Foundation's "Aoun" program, which offers treatment and medical care to financially constrained patients, especially those battling life-threatening chronic diseases like cancer.

Saud Al-Darbi, head of the News and Publishing Center at Dubai Media, expressed hope that the initiative would usher in a new lease of life for patients and their families, emphasizing the power of collective action to instill hope and restore normalcy for those battling medical conditions.

Al-Darbi underscored the initiative's reflection of national endeavors to serve humanity, emphasizing its role in enhancing the performance of health institutions through collaboration and coordination among Dubai government departments and bodies. He viewed the initiative as a noble humanitarian mission, fostering solidarity and creating opportunities for improving patients' lives.

The memorandum highlights the dedication to humanitarian ideals and social well-being by signifying a concentrated effort to address healthcare concerns through community involvement and cooperation among many stakeholders.

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