UAE launches a humanitarian initiative with a value of 20 billion AED

In a recent statement on the "X" platform, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the State, underscored the significance of Zayed Humanitarian Work Day and commemorated the twentieth anniversary of the passing of the esteemed founding father, recognized for his altruism, benevolence, and humanitarian endeavors.

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In tribute to his legacy, Sheikh Mohammed announced the launch of the Zayed Humanitarian Legacy Initiative, a monumental endeavor valued at 20 billion AED.

This initiative, rooted in the principles and values championed by Sheikh Zayed, aims to uphold his legacy by advancing causes that serve the betterment of humanity. It echoes his enduring commitment to supporting endeavors that alleviate human suffering, enhance well-being, and foster positive transformation in people's lives. The initiative is a testament to Sheikh Zayed's enduring impact on society, leaving behind a timeless legacy of compassion and solidarity among people.

Through the Zayed Humanitarian Legacy Initiative, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan seeks to perpetuate the spirit of generosity and humanitarianism embodied by the late Sheikh Zayed. The initiative reflects a dedication to continuing his noble legacy and ensuring that his legacy of kindness and empathy endures for generations to come. Sheikh Mohammed expressed gratitude for Sheikh Zayed's profound contributions to humanity, acknowledging the lasting imprint he has left on the world.

The Zayed Humanitarian Legacy Initiative represents a bold commitment to advancing philanthropic efforts and addressing pressing humanitarian challenges. It underscores the importance of collective action in creating positive change and the enduring impact of individual acts of kindness and generosity. Sheikh Mohammed's announcement reflects a deep-seated commitment to honoring Sheikh Zayed's memory and perpetuating his legacy of compassion and service to others.

In light of Sheikh Zayed's significant legacy and in honor of Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, the Zayed Humanitarian Legacy Initiative's debut is a fitting homage to his long-lasting influence on society. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan pledges to preserve Sheikh Zayed's principles and make sure his humanitarian legacy lives on to inspire future generations through this endeavor.

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