Dubai Student Develops App Facilitating Free Book Exchanges in UAE

Bhandari's forthcoming endeavor involves extending the scope and functionality of book-sharing activities to international territories.

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Addressing the quandary of book disposal at the culmination of the academic year, a 17-year-old pupil from Dubai conceived an application enabling parents and students to engage in interactions facilitating the donation, sale, or purchase of pre-owned books.

Rudraksh Bhandari, the head boy of Delhi Private School Sharjah, elucidated that the mobile application he developed "is not solely focused on enhancing the accessibility of educational materials but also aims to mitigate the ecological footprint associated with book manufacturing." He further articulated his aspiration to cultivate a dynamic community of readers by fostering an interactive network of individuals dedicated to promoting sustainability and the pleasures of reading.

The application, christened ShareAllBooks, is readily available for download from both the Apple and Google Play stores. Bhandari underscored the user-friendly nature of the application, remarking that "users simply need to register and can then peruse the available books, utilizing filters such as genre or location. Moreover, they can either list books for sale or donation, subsequently facilitating direct communication between parties to arrange exchanges or delivery."

Since its inception last year, the application has facilitated the exchange of over 200 books, as disclosed by Bhandari, who also received expressions of gratitude from users appreciative of a platform enabling the redistribution of books gathering dust at home. Apart from facilitating donations, the application also enables users to acquire or vend paperback novels and bestsellers, some priced as low as Dh5.

Bhandari, originally from Kuwait and relocated to the UAE with his family in 2013, expressed his satisfaction in fostering a more environmentally conscious and community-driven approach to reading, engaging book enthusiasts, students, and parents alike. His future plans include broadening the scope of book-sharing activities internationally, with aspirations to accumulate books in Dubai for distribution to underprivileged schools and communities beyond the UAE.

Confident in the significance and enduring impact of his initiative, Bhandari affirmed his belief in its sustainability for years to come, underscoring his commitment to fostering a culture of reading and environmental stewardship on a global scale.

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