Emirates Food Bank announces the distribution of 20,000 Iftar and Suhoor Meals

The "Cook of a Thousand" program was recently introduced by the Emirates Food Bank and Taya Art Production with the goal of feeding the underprivileged throughout Ramadan with breakfast and suhoor meals.

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As part of this project, over 30 volunteers helped with various stages of meal preparation, cooking, and packaging, resulting in over 20,000 meals being cooked and distributed in Dubai's Hatta and Zabeel regions.

Emirates Food Bank CEO Manal Bin Yarouf underlined the bank's dedication to its commendable Ramadan program, which aims to provide five million meals to qualified recipients. The bank's overarching goals of controlling food surpluses, cutting waste, and boosting humanitarian and charity endeavors in the UAE are all in line with this program.

A particular group of Emirati and foreign chefs came together for the "Cook of a Thousand" program to prepare and give meals to the food bank. The project was successfully implemented, as the program director, Ibrahim Ali Khadem, noted. The initial part of the program was carried out in Hatta during a three-day period, and over 8,700 meals were provided. An additional 12,000 breakfast and suhoor meals were given out as the initiative was extended to Zabeel Park in Dubai.

This project promotes a sense of community connection and cooperation in addition to addressing food needs. To make sure that people in need have access to wholesome meals during Ramadan, volunteers and chefs put in endless effort. They showed by their combined efforts the effectiveness of kindness and generosity in helping weaker people and families.

"Cook of a Thousand" is a program that perfectly captures the giving attitude that is Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates. It emphasizes how crucial it is for people to band together as a community to help one another, especially in trying times. Across the nation, the Emirates Food Bank and its partners are significantly improving the lives of innumerable individuals and families by giving those experiencing food poverty access to nutritious meals.

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