UAE issues an alert as heavy rain, thunder, and lightning strike various regions

A nationwide yellow and orange alert has been issued for convective clouds, signaling potential weather disruptions across the UAE.

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From Wednesday night into early Thursday, heavy rains drenched various parts of the UAE, leading to overflowing wadis and instances of lightning and thunder monitored by the National Centre of Meteorology.

Al Ain experienced substantial rainfall, causing roads to flood and prompting cautionary measures from authorities. Videos shared on social media platforms depicted the unstable weather conditions witnessed overnight, with other areas like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah also encountering rainfall of varying intensity.

In response to the adverse weather, the UAE's disaster management team, NCEMA, emphasized the importance of public caution, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance with authorities' instructions, particularly in regions susceptible to heavy rain and hail. Motorists were warned to exercise vigilance and avoid watercourses, floods, and mountainous terrain.

The Abu Dhabi Police issued a hailstorm alert for Al Ain and advised drivers to adopt safety precautions during the inclement weather. Earlier reports from the NCM had indicated the influence of a surface low-pressure system from the Southwest, along with an upper-air low-pressure system, with convective clouds and rainfall forecast over a few scattered areas.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology, Thursday's weather is expected to be partly cloudy to cloudy, with convective clouds leading to scattered rainfall across the country. Winds are projected to be light to moderate, increasing to fresh to strong over the sea, potentially causing blowing dust and sand and reduced horizontal visibility.

The issued alerts highlight the possibility of convective cloud formation and associated rainfall and wind speeds of up to 40 km/hr from midnight until late evening on Thursday. Temperatures are anticipated to reach highs of 27 ºC, with decreases expected later in the day, potentially dropping to 16 ºC in Abu Dhabi, 17 ºC in Dubai, and 10 ºC in mountainous regions.

Forecasts for Abu Dhabi and Dubai indicate relative humidity values between 40 and 80% and 75 percent, respectively. There will be spells of extremely rough seas in the Oman Sea and moderate to rough seas in the Arabian Gulf, according to the prediction.

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