Dubai introduces an AI beach patrol to detect scooter violations

Dubai's beaches are set to be monitored by an AI-powered smart robot, in collaboration with Dubai Police, to enforce regulations regarding scooter riders and cyclists in the city.

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The smart robot, equipped with advanced technology, will identify rule violations such as riding scooters or bicycles in pedestrian-only areas, failing to wear helmets, and congregating in large groups. With an impressive 85% success rate, the robot can automatically detect violations and promptly report them to relevant authorities.

The initiative was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Terminus Group, a leading provider of robotics and advanced technical systems. This marks the commencement of the trial operation for the smart robot, which will focus on surveillance and identifying violations related to soft mobility means in Dubai starting in March 2024.

The trial will initially be conducted in the Jumeirah 3 beach area to assess its effectiveness and potential for broader implementation across the city. This endeavour aligns with RTA's commitment to promoting seamless and sustainable mobility through innovative solutions, positioning Dubai as a frontrunner in smart city initiatives.

The smart robot, integrated into RTA's Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3), will employ AI techniques to detect various violations, including large gatherings, non-compliance with safety protocols, improper scooter usage, and unauthorised scooter parking. With its cutting-edge technology and adherence to safety standards, the robot can accurately identify violations, deliver real-time data, and ensure the safety of road users with its advanced sensors.

Dr. Ling Shao, President of Terminus International, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with RTA, emphasising the shared goal of enhancing transportation safety through green and smart technologies. RTA's commitment extends to launching initiatives that enhance safety and convenience for soft mobility users, including integration with public transport and landmarks, as well as regulatory measures such as speed limits and scooter registration requirements.

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