UAE introduces red and yellow alerts due to fog concerns, cautioning motorists

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts a day with a mix of clouds as the extended weekend for residents in the UAE comes to a conclusion.

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Low clouds and eastward convective cloud formation

Anticipate the presence of low clouds over specific areas, with the possibility of convective cloud formation towards the east in the afternoon.

Fog Alerts and Visibility Warnings

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) published red and yellow alerts, explicitly notifying people of decreased vision until 9 a.m. today due to existing atmospheric conditions in some regions of the country.

Motorist Caution from Abu Dhabi Police

With regard to the possibility of decreased visibility while driving, the Abu Dhabi Police have sent out a warning notice to drivers. The dynamic speed limits that are displayed on electronic information boards should be complied with, and drivers are urged to drive cautiously.

Increasing Humidity and Fog/Mist Probability

The weather on Tuesday morning is predicted to become increasingly humid as night falls. It is possible that some interior areas will experience the formation of fog or mist, which will give the upcoming day a touch of atmosphere.

Variable wind conditions

Throughout the day, expect light to moderate winds that will periodically pick up speed due to the dynamic weather.

Temperature Extremes Across the UAE

Be ready for extremely cold temperatures; in the UAE's mountainous regions, the lowest is predicted to drop as low as 10 oC. On the other hand, the country's interior regions will see a high temperature of 31 oC.

Moreover, residents are advised to conclude their long weekend with awareness of the weather conditions. Stay informed about fog alerts, exercise caution while driving, and be prepared for changes in visibility. As the night progresses, anticipate increased humidity, possibly accompanied by fog or mist in specific internal areas.

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