UAE Airlines and travel agencies present vacation packages starting at 1600 AED

Travel agencies and national airlines have recently released alluring December vacation packages to foreign locations.

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Incentivizing Travel to Handpicked Destinations

These exclusive deals, covering flight tickets and hotel accommodations, kick off at a competitive rate of 1,600 dirhams. The offers, valid from early December until mid-month, aim to promote travel to carefully selected destinations.

Varied Packages to Suit Every Preference

According to travel agencies, the average price of these packages differs depending on the destination. Early reservations may yield lower prices, and the cost varies based on the hotel room category and additional benefits requested by customers within the package.

Destination Highlights and Package Prices

Holiday package prices begin at approximately 1,600 dirhams for a three-night stay in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. Meanwhile, Tbilisi offers a package starting at 1,800 dirhams, and Baku at 1,700 dirhams. For those eyeing Thailand, packages to Krabi and Pattaya start at 2,600 dirhams, while Belgrade comes in at 2,800 dirhams. Milan offers a three-night stay package starting at 2,700 dirhams, and the Maldives' capital, Male, provides a package at 3,700 dirhams. Zanzibar and Prague follow suit, with packages starting at 2,900 dirhams and 3,200 dirhams, respectively.

Variable Prices and Early Reservations

Prices vary according to availability, early booking, hotel type, and extra services that guests request. In compliance with the terms and conditions provided by airlines and travel agencies, certain packages necessitate reservations made within a designated timeframe.

Industry Insights from Experts

The goal of these promotions, according to Salah Mansour, Executive Director of STS at the Dubai Link Group, is to increase demand for travel to particular locations within the airline network. He stresses that before making reservations, it's critical to comprehend the terms and conditions attached to promotional offers.

Yassin Diab, General Manager of Al-Faisal Travel and Tourism Agency, underscores the targeted nature of these offers, focusing on destinations with direct flights and simplified visa procedures. Diab also emphasizes the importance of offer terms, particularly concerning modifications or cancellations, catering to diverse customer segments, including individuals and families.

Moreover, these holiday packages present a golden opportunity for travelers to explore exciting international destinations at competitive prices, provided they adhere to the specific terms and conditions associated with each offer.

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