UAE introduces new system lifts travel ban, unfreezes funds post-payment

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department introduces a groundbreaking system, the first of its kind in both the UAE and the wider region, designed to instantly track and cancel all judicial enforcement decisions upon the fulfillment of required payments.

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Instant Tracking and Cancellation of Enforcement Decisions

The newly adopted system closely monitors the payment status of respondents. Once the required dues are paid, the original decision is automatically canceled. This streamlined process eliminates the need for individuals to engage in the cumbersome task of gathering documents as proof of payment and subsequent cancellation. The entire process unfolds seamlessly without the involvement of enforcement officers or judges.

Effortless Resolution for Travel Bans

In instances where travel bans are imposed due to non-payment, respondents can effortlessly download a copy of the cancellation decision via a smart app. This digital document empowers them to proceed with travel procedures and, if necessary, present the soft copy as evidence.

Handling Arrest Warrants and Seizure Orders

For cases involving arrest warrants due to non-payment or the imposition of seizure orders on deposits and bank accounts owing to a failure in payment, respondents can present a physical copy of the cancellation decision. This presentation facilitates the lifting of the imposed decision, ensuring a straightforward resolution.

Automated notifications and digital updates

The innovative system goes beyond merely facilitating cancellations. It automatically notifies judges and officers through an internally built digital system. This includes timely updates on follow-ups and monitoring of the respondent's case, enhancing communication and transparency within the judicial process.

Efficiency and User-Friendly Approach

This pioneering approach not only expedites the resolution of enforcement decisions but also prioritizes user convenience. By integrating technology into the judicial system, the UAE aims to streamline legal processes, minimize administrative burdens, and ensure a more efficient and accessible legal framework for its citizens.

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