Dubai announces new pricing strategies for Nol Card top-ups

Effective January 15, a notable change in Dubai's Nol card top-up policy has been initiated, increasing the minimum recharge amount to Dh20.

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Higher Minimum Top-Up for Queue Reduction

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which announced this strategic change earlier this month, specifically targets commuters who use ticket offices in an effort to reduce lines at metro stations.

Exclusive Pricing for Ticket Offices

The new pricing structure exclusively applies to those topping up their Nol cards at ticket offices, emphasizing the RTA's commitment to enhancing efficiency and reducing congestion in high-traffic areas.

Alternative Top-Up Methods Below Dh20

  1. Smart Applications: Nol Pay

    • The Nol Pay app facilitates balance top-ups, maintaining the minimum cost at Dh5.
    • It operates as a loyalty and rewards program, offering points for each top-up, redeemable for Nol balance or at various outlets.
    • Available on Apple Store, Android, and Huawei devices.
  2. RTA Application

    • A comprehensive portal for Dubai commuters, offering streamlined facilities for public transport and private vehicle users.
    • It enables Nol card top-ups, balance checks, and access to past transactions.
    • Provides easy access to other metro facilities.
  3. S'hail Application

    • A platform encompassing all RTA public transport services, including metro and taxis.
    • It allows commuters to recharge, check their Nol balance, and access various Nol card features.
  4. Ticket vending machines

    • Placed near card scanning machines in metro stations, it maintains the minimum top-up amount at Dh5.
    • Accepts both cash and card payments.
  5. Solar Top-Up Machines

    • Positioned in select bus stops across Dubai, they are similar to metro station vending machines.
    • It enables commuters to top up their Nol cards with a minimum of Dh5 and check their balance.
  6. RTA Website

    • Offers a quick, 2-step process for Nol card top-ups.
    • Customers can enter card details and proceed to payment.
  7. Mahboub Chatbot

    • An AI service is available across RTA's online platforms, streamlining the top-up process.
    • Accessible through the RTA website, mobile app, and S'hail application.

Activation of Top-Up

To activate pending top-ups, commuters can use their cards at online parking meters, metro gates, the Nol Pay application, or solar top-up machines after 45 minutes to 4 hours, ensuring updated balances. The Mahboub Chatbot further enhances the user experience with its accessibility and ease of operation.

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