Emirates cancels Mauritius flights amid tropical cyclone in Dubai

Emirates airline, based in Dubai, has encountered disruptions to its flights to and from Mauritius in the wake of tropical cyclone Belal.

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The airline, closely monitoring the evolving situation, announced delays and cancellations affecting multiple flights.

Emirates Airlines Responds to Tropical Cyclone Belal Impact on Mauritius Flights

1. EK 703 from Dubai to Mauritius (January 15):

This flight has a 27-hour delay from its original scheduled departure date of January 15. It is rescheduled to depart on January 16 at 1.30 p.m. UAE time, reaching Mauritius at 8 p.m. local time.

2. EK 704 from Mauritius to Dubai (January 15):

The corresponding return flight, EK 704, has also faced a delay of 21 hours. It is now set to depart from Mauritius on January 16 at 8 p.m. local time and arrive in Dubai on January 17 at 2.35 a.m. UAE time.

3. Cancellation of EK 701 and EK 702 (January 16):

Emirates has decided to cancel the EK 701 flight from Dubai to Mauritius and the EK 702 flight from Mauritius to Dubai, both scheduled for January 16.

Customer Impact and Notice

Passengers with onward connections to the canceled Mauritius flight EK701 on January 16 are advised that they will not be accepted for travel at their point of origin. Emirates assures affected customers of continuous monitoring of the situation and commits to providing prompt notice of any further changes.

Response to the Cyclone Impact

As tropical cyclone Belal made landfall on the French island of Reunion, Emirates acknowledged its potential impact on nearby Mauritius. The airline emphasizes its commitment to keeping customers informed and recommends those affected reach out to their travel agents or Emirates local offices for alternative travel arrangements.

Celebrating a Decade of Service

Notably, Emirates celebrated the 10th anniversary of its daily A380 service to Mauritius on December 18, 2023. Over the past decade, the airline has operated nearly 12,000 flights to and from the island, serving more than 5 million passengers on the A380, the world's largest commercial aircraft.

Air Mauritius and Roland Garros Airport Closure

In tandem with Emirates' adjustments, Air Mauritius also announced the closure of Roland Garros Airport in Saint-Denis de La Réunion due to the cyclone. All flights to and from Reunion are canceled until further notice, reflecting the broader impact of tropical cyclone Belal on air travel in the region.

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