UAE: Heavy Rains Creates Waterfalls and Flooded Roads in Fujairah

Rain has been falling on the United Arab Emirates since the beginning of the week. On Monday night, the nation was battered by torrential rains and thunderstorms, and hail that looked like snow fell on some parts of Al Ain.

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Intense rainfall decreased visibility, making navigation challenging for drivers on mountain roads in the UAE. Since the beginning of the week, the country has experienced heavy rains and thunderstorms, with areas in Al Ain encountering hail resembling snow and continuous downpours.

Fujairah residents woke up to heavy rainfall on Tuesday morning, witnessing waterfalls flowing down the mountains and flooding on the roads. The early morning showers exacerbated the already high levels of precipitation across various parts of the UAE.

Videos shared by UAE's'storm chaser' Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman depicted overflowing wadis, full dams, and flooded roads resembling swimming pools in Fujairah. The country's Meteorological Department forecasted cloudy conditions with possible rainfall in the northern and eastern regions during the day. Reports indicated heavy to moderate rainfall in Khor Fakkan, Kalba, and the Fujairah International Airport area.

Following the weather forecast, Fahad documented the challenges faced by motorists due to reduced visibility caused by the intense rainfall, especially on mountainous roads in Fujairah.

Given the significant rainfall earlier in the day, residents permitted to work from home on Tuesday may find some relief. The decision to continue remote work until February 13 applies to all government employees in the emirate, except those required for essential on-site tasks.

In response to the weather conditions, the local emergency and disaster management team in Fujairah announced the continuation of distance learning for all educational institutions and universities in the emirate on February 13. This measure aims to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff.

Private sector companies in the UAE have also been advised to maintain flexible work arrangements on February 13 due to ongoing rainfall. Additionally, in Dubai, government employees will work remotely for another day on February 13, 2024.

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