UAE Health Insurance Premiums Set to Rise with New Mandatory Scheme

UAE residents who currently bear the burden of family health insurance payments may notice changes in the payment arrangements.

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The recent announcement of a new mandatory health insurance scheme on March 18 prompted this adjustment, predicting a rise in health insurance premiums nationwide. The scheme mandates that employers in the UAE provide health insurance coverage for their employees, including domestic workers, starting from January 1, 2025, upon issuing or renewing residency visas.

Industry experts predict that insurers will need to adjust their offerings to ensure fair and balanced pricing amidst the surge in demand for healthcare services following the implementation of the mandatory scheme. Avinash Babur, CEO of, emphasizes the importance of a gradual and transparent approach to premium adjustments to prevent sudden financial strain on both employers and individuals.

The new healthcare policy, according to eSanad CEO and founder Anas Mistareehi, would cause health insurance prices to skyrocket. Mistareehi predicts that the UAE's required insurance program will follow the same path as its predecessors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which saw huge increases in both market size and premium prices.

Regarding family insurance coverage, Mistareehi explains that the impact on newly enrolled family members is expected to be minimal, especially considering the employer's responsibility to cover the employee, spouse, and up to three children. However, there may be adjustments in premium structures for families with more than three children to align with the new dynamics of the mandatory scheme.

Both Babur and Mistareehi emphasize the potential positive outcomes of the new healthcare scheme, including investments in healthcare infrastructure, improved service quality, increased competition, innovation, and advancements in healthcare services.

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