Abu Dhabi announces upgrading Sheikh Zayed Tunnel Lighting for more Safety

The Department of Municipalities and Transport's Integrated Transport Center in Abu Dhabi has proudly announced the successful completion of a major project aimed at upgrading the lighting system within the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel.

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This significant endeavor involved the replacement of 5,071 internal LED lights, marking a milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance safety and efficiency in transportation infrastructure.

The primary objective of this initiative was to bring the lighting within the tunnel in line with the latest standards and technologies. The new LED lighting system is designed to cater to the specific traffic conditions within the tunnel, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for motorists.

One of the key features of the newly installed lighting system is its enhanced effectiveness, which translates to reduced maintenance costs and extended periods of uninterrupted operation. Additionally, the system offers the flexibility to control the degree of illumination and adjust colors, allowing for adaptation to different road conditions and times of day. This versatility not only enhances safety but also contributes to reducing electricity consumption by approximately 17%. Furthermore, the system's operational efficiency has been significantly improved, reaching an impressive 90%. These enhancements play a crucial role in maintaining a high-quality nighttime environment and minimizing negative environmental impacts.

The project holds great significance for the safety and efficiency of the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, which serves as a vital artery in Abu Dhabi's transportation and infrastructure network, spanning a length of 6.3 kilometers. By upgrading the lighting system, authorities aim to ensure the safety of tunnel users and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. This aligns with environmental and sustainability goals, further underscoring the commitment to fostering a safe and sustainable transportation environment.

Moreover, the completion of the lighting upgrade project in the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel represents a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure in Abu Dhabi. Through the installation of modern LED lighting technology, authorities have demonstrated their commitment to promoting safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in the region's transportation network.

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